'Destiny' Festival of the Lost 2016: Fans are obsessed with this spooky Husky Raid video

Destiny's Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost 2016 has just begun — and fans are starting to celebrate its spooky secrets.

Case in point: this eerie video, "Saw Something Weird on the Moon," which shot to the top of Reddit Wednesday. It shows a lone Guardian (what players are called in Destiny) standing at the precipice of Crota's End, one of the wickedest dungeons in all of Destiny.

Wait, Crota's End? Where's that?

Crota's End is a six-player cooperative multiplayer activity that combines puzzles, thumbstick skills and extreme team coordination. Crota's End is also a place where thousands of Destiny players are beaten and destroyed back when Crota's End, years ago, was the place for high-level players to go.

What is this glowy, pointy-headed-monster thing standing outside one of 'Destiny''s most brutal dungeons?Husky Raid/YouTube

The entrance to Crota's End is a pile of human bones. What a better place for this Festival of the Lost 2016 spectral sighting.

Got it. So... what's going on in this video, exactly?

Old masks, like the burning blue skull, will be appreciated by 'Destiny' fans who participated in last year's Festival of the Lost.Husky Raid/YouTube

The video is actually another musical raid performance, this time a compilation of Michael Jackson hits, by the Husky Raid YouTube team. They've been entertaining the Destiny online community with music numbers like these for a while now. Isn't it amazing how "Thriller" never ceases to sound cool, no matter how many times we hear it?