Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton poll Sunday, Oct. 30: Trump within 1 point of Clinton


There are two things that, we fear, will never go away: Anthony Weiner sexting scandals and talk of Hillary Clinton's private email server. Now, the constant controversies have joined in an unholy alliance that's threatening the Democratic nominee's presidential campaign, according to a new ABC/Washington Post poll released Sunday. 

Of the 1,160 likely voters polled, 46% backed Clinton while 45% backed her opponent, real-estate-mogul-turned-politician Donald Trump. The one-point margin is narrow, and a stark contrast to Clinton's 12-point lead days prior. 

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Roughly one third of those surveyed cited the FBI's recent reopening of its investigation into Clinton's email server, after missives uncovered in the separate investigation of problematic texter Weiner's inappropriate messages to a 15-year-old girl apparently necessitated dredging the whole email issue back up. Weiner's estranged wife is Huma Abedin, Clinton's top aide, which is how the candidate finds herself involved here: According to the New York Times, "tens of thousands" of Abedin's emails were sitting on Weiner's laptop. 

It's presently unclear what link, if any, those emails have to Clinton's private email server, but FBI director James Comey thought transparency would be of key importance to voters and so revisited an investigation he closed in July. Clinton has urged the FBI to just come out with whatever it has already, rather than throwing wrenches into her campaign strategy with a little over a week before the election. 

Alex Brandon/AP

While this most recent poll indicates that Clinton's emails persist as a troubling issue for many voters, the majority were unconcerned. The worry for Clinton is that the FBI's renewed interest in her emails might mean more Trump supporters actually vote on Election Day, according to the poll. People for whom the emails were decisive already backed Trump, but they could serve as disincentive for "reluctant Clinton backers," per the poll.

Still, 60% of those polled believed Clinton would win the election and 46% believed she possessed a "stronger moral character."