New 'Civ 6' mods for everyone who's zooming all the way in to figure out WTF is happening


Civ 6 is a complicated game with a complicated user interface. The UI in any Civilization game is a pivotal part of the experience, so it was inevitable that Civ 6 players would begin to find issues very shortly after release — like inefficient displays for trading, displays that made district placement options unclear, and displays that lacked all the data needed to make military decisions.

That's where Civ mod culture comes in. These four fan mods posted to the Civ 6 subreddit address a suite of visual issues that make sifting through game data way more challenging than it needs to be.

"The folks at civfanatics have been busy fixing the UI, which as most of us have noticed, is less than stellar in Civilization VI," reads the Reddit post aggregating the five mods. "Here's a list of the UI mods made so far which fix some of the most glaring problems (the lack of information in the city panel, the ability to look at individual units, etc.)"

Better control your armies by better seeing their stats

The Unit Report Screen 1.02 mod adds a summary view of the statistics for all your armies which, if you've been playing Civ 6 for a few days now, you know can get pretty long. It's tough to keep track of all those forces spread across the map. This unit report screen mod is meant to help.

The Before-Game Civ Selection Screen will make it easier to assess your different choices of civilization and leader to help plan for different types of victories, like religious or military victories, and how your districts might be laid out.

A mod to simplify city planning in Civ 6

Firaxis Games/2K Games

The Divine Yuri's Custom City Panel mod includes special support for districts, the brand-new Civilization mechanic added to Civ 6. This mod attempts to unpack and make easier to read all the information that goes along with the complicated task of well-planning city construction many turns in advance.

A trading enhancement mod can help you make more gold in Civ 6

The Better Trade Screen v1 expands the information available when you open the trade screen. With the mod installed you can always see all the available paths that your traders can take not only the ones they can take on that specific turn, and examine paths between cities without having a trade unit in the home city for the path you've planned.

This trade-oriented screens also adds options to more easily sift through your different types of resources, and new UI filters to highlights buildings and parts of the environment that directly affect how successfully your civ is trading in the game.