'Pokémon Go' Halloween strategy guide is the perfect companion for hunting spooky Pokémon


If you've been saving the Halloween Pokémon Go update to enjoy on Halloween night proper, you're going to need to brush up on your strategy. We found a brief strategy guide that fits nicely into your pocket.

GamePress is a Pokémon Go fan community that has come to the fore in providing friendly and easy-to-access Pokémon Go game guides. It's no surprise that GamePress also has a fantastic Pokémon Go Halloween guide that sums up the celebration quickly and thoroughly. 

If there's one point you need to remember, it's this: Candy is your best friend on Halloween in Pokémon Go. The guide's table of contents includes:

4X Buddy Candies

The Halloween update for Pokémon Go has increased spawn rates for "spooky"-type Pokémon, but most of them are common species. The real payoff for Pokémon Go Halloween is double or quadruple the amount of candy you earn for different activities, and hatching Pokémon eggs consistently doles out high candy rewards.

We've got more help if you need it. Follow our egg hatching guide if you're willing to buy some incubators and want to get the most out of bonus Halloween candy!