Your iPhone is tracking your movements. Here’s how to stop that.


In the age of the internet, it's probably unsurprising to hear iPhones are constantly tracking their users' locations. Many times it's because of an app like Yelp or Tinder, in which location scouting is necessary. But the iPhone itself is monitoring location too, though Apple doesn't advertise that. Fortunately, you can stop your iPhone from tracking your movement. Here's how to do it:

First, head to Settings. After scrolling down a bit, you'll find the Privacy button. Hit that and you'll see Location Services as the very first option.

It probably says "on" and you probably think you merely need to turn it off to disable movement tracking, but that's not enough. For one, Location Services isn't just relevant to your iPhone, but to all the apps that use location on your phone, as well. Even if you want to stop Apple from knowing where you are, you likely still want to use an app or two that uses your location — like Uber, for example.

So, moving forward, select Location Services and scroll to the very bottom where you'll find System Services. Near the end you'll see an option for Frequent Locations. Select this. 


The next prompt will display a switch for Frequent Locations. Turn this off and your iPhone will stop collecting data about your commonly visited whereabouts. Beneath that switch is your history, which you can choose to clear as well. 

And that's it. Remember, location tracking can be good for certain apps, but if it makes you uncomfortable you can always opt out.