Gossip site Bossip just showed how not to talk about Amber Rose's attraction to trans men


Model and feminist icon Amber Rose joined bisexual comedian Margaret Cho on her podcast, Loveline, on Friday. The conversation delved into the aspects of romantic partners they're attracted to.

Cho described the women she likes as "real masculine ... I like a really butch girl." Rose responded that she "used to date a trans man, actually, so I find that hot as well." 

When gossip site Bossip covered the interaction, it characterized Rose as a sexual freak because she is attracted to transgender men.

"Whatever level of freak you might have thought Amber Rose was has just gone up, tenfold," the site wrote in a post Friday. "The curvy, blonde, MILF recently admitted to comedienne Margaret Cho that she used to date a transgender man." 

The post, authored by "Bossip staff," added, "Wonder what Wiz Khalifa has to say about this. Do you think he was aware that his ex-wife used to canoodle with trans men?" 

Bossip's article both shames Amber Rose for being open about her sexuality while also denigrating transgender men as "freaks" and undesirable sexual partners. 

Mic has previously reported on the stigma transgender men face in the gay community. Many of them reported misogyny, body shaming and even violence from gay men on hookup apps. Bossip's post shows the stigma applies as much to transgender men as those who date them.

This kind of talk feeds the epidemic of anti-trans violence across the country by dehumanizing transgender people. A study released earlier this week from WITNESS Media Lab showed that 99% of total user interactions with videos depicting transgender violence were positive — the users either "liked," gave a thumbs up or LOL-ed at the videos depicting trans people being beaten.

Several people also tweeted about Bossip's transphobia. Bossip did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Shaming black women for their sexuality is nothing new — black female celebrities from Nicki Minaj to Leslie Jones have had to deal with the harassment that comes with being black, female and sexual. Minaj's body was denigrated when she became a Madame Tussauds wax figure and some Urban Dictionary users interpreted her lyrics to demean and objectify her. Internet hackers released sexual photos of Leslie Jones on her own website. 

These comments are unlikely to rankle Rose. She began the annual event the Amber Rose Slut Walk, which pushes back against both slut shaming and body shaming. She's also spoken up about being sexualized as a black woman when she felt Dancing With the Stars judge Julianne Hough body-shamed her during a salsa routine to Jennifer Lopez's "Booty."