This "Mystique From the Hood" costume just won Halloween. All other costumes: Nice try.


Your Halloween costume is canceled, deemed 'a nice effort' thanks to Eryn Amel, a self-described momprenuer from Yonkers, New York who easily had this Halloween's most inspired costume with her X-Men-inspired "Mystique From the Hood" ensemble.

"When you know you're a woman in charge of your changes but you can't let go out your roots. No matter where you go," Amel captioned the photo on Instagram.

Eryn Amel
Eryn Amel

"I'm a comic book nerd. And as a woman of color, it's been nearly impossible to see women like myself represented in a cosplay way that not only says 'I love comic books too' but in a 'I'm still going to celebrate my body and my own personal flare' kind of way," Amel said in an interview.

Why Mystique of all characters? "I'm a multifaceted woman just like Mystique — misunderstood like her too. And I thought it was ironic to cosplay a super villain that people hate only when she reveals herself."

Even more impressive than her commitment to perfect the look, which consisted of washable body paint and black glitter, was the cost, which Amel says came to a mere $8.03. "Micheals 40% off coupon, came through for me," she said with a laugh.

As for the Pabst Blue Ribbon: "It matched my outfit."

Eryn Amel
Eryn Amel

But body positivity is not just something Amel celebrates once a year in character, it's a sentiment and state of mind she embodies year-round, seen most obviously on her Instagram account, chock full of images of the young mother, often with her 1-year-old son, Sirius.

"After I had my son I've been on a quest to get women to love themselves and their bodies. Most of my network is made up of women who want to prioritize self care and healthy self confidence."

Asked what message she hopes to send her followers with her "Mystique From the Hood" costume, Amel said this: "I want women to know it doesn't take a lot to shake it up a little. I live by this mantra in my book, 'I am a woman in charge of her changes' and in short, it's an affirmation that says no matter where I've come from — what I've seen and who I've been — I control who I am in the middle of it all."