Presidential Debates 2012: 5 Questions That Won't Be Asked


Decision 2012 is one in which voters must decide who they DON'T want to run the country. Some can't stand the more communist Obama, and others can't fathom corporate Romney. I predict these debates will show that even 2012 Obama still has more charisma and rhetorical wherewithal to make Romney look like a Mormon muppet. Don't get me wrong. I am no Obamamaniac. In fact, I don't plan to vote for either of these candidates. I'm just looking forward to an entertaining night on Wednesday.

Here are five questions that won't be asked at tonight's debate:

Q1: Most of the federal budget is spent on defense, Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security. To actually cut the national debt you would need to significantly reduce spending in at least one of these areas. Which one and how? 

Obama: “I wouldn’t cut any of those.” 

Romney: “Cut defense spending? I would double it! And didn’t Paul Ryan say something about Medicare?”

Q2: About half of Americans, 53% evidently, pay income tax, and that contributes to about half of federal revenue. Where do you think the other half of federal revenue should come from? 

Obama: “We all have to pay our fair share, corporations too.” 

Romney: “My 47% quote was taken out of context.”

Q3: Should the United States support its ally Israel unconditionally especially in regards with Iran? 

Obama: “Yes.” 

Romney: “Yes, and as a Mormon I especially love the Jewish people.”

Q4: State the goals of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movement in one sentence each. What policies would you propose to meet those goals? 

Obama: “The Tea Party might just hate me, but OWS just wants financial reform. That’s up to Bernanke and Geithner.” 

Romney: “I love the Tea Party. I am a Tea Partier! I generally support cutting spending AND lowering taxes!”

Q5: Why is Julian Assange an enemy of the United States when Enron corporate whistleblower Sherron Watkins is praised as a hero? 

Obama: “Governments are afforded certain privileges corporations are not.” 

Romney: “Julian Assange is a terrorist.”