New York Election Results: Clinton crushes Trump in battle for their home state

The last time both presidential candidates hailed from New York was 1944. But Hillary Clinton won her home state by a larger margin than Franklin Delano Roosevelt did when he won his fourth term in the White House. 

Clinton, originally from Illinois and later Arkansas, beat lifelong New Yorker Donald Trump Tuesday to secure New York's 29 electoral votes. The state has gone blue since 1988. 

Protesters rally outside Trump Tower in Manhattan in New York City in mid-October to protest Donald Trump. Trump faced several accusations of sexual assault and misconduct during the end of the campaign. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Polls showed a 20-point gap between the two candidates before voters went to the polls on election day. Both Trump and Clinton ran their campaigns out of New York City, with Clinton's supporters based in Brooklyn and Trump's campaign run from Trump Tower. 

As recently as September, Trump claimed he could win New York. But polls never gave him a chance and he did little campaigning there. The state has long been a cornerstone of any Democratic presidential bid.