The iPhone Mail app is garbage. Here's what you should use instead.


Apple ships each iPhone with a bundle of preloaded apps. They can get the job done in a pinch, but most of them are not very good. This could not be more true for the iPhone's Mail app, which, like most native Apple apps, mistakes simplicity for limitedness. 

Email is a conduit for the activities in our lives — both personal and professional. The iPhone's mail app doesn't sync information and files from apps like Dropbox or Google Calendar. Having access to these platforms is vital for efficiently organizing responsibilities. To streamline that process, its best to turn to a third-party email client. But which one? The answer is clear.

Microsoft Outlook is the best iPhone email map by far. The Verge agrees with that sentiment, writing: "Outlook honestly feels like a next-generation email app, something that will force its competitors to do a lot of work to catch up. If you want full control over your inbox and the services that surround it, Outlook is your only choice."


Outlook supports nearly every email service from Gmail to Yahoo and does a great job of organizing your inbox with two divisions — "focused" and "other." Access to related apps like Google Drive is provided without having to leave the Outlook app. Customizable quick-swipe options allow you to quickly schedule meetings and tackle your inbox with ease.


The icing on the cake? Microsoft Outlook is completely free.