This functioning 'Pokémon Go' Halloween costume absolutely wins 'Pokémon Go' Halloween

If you thought dressing up as a Pikachu for Halloween marked you as a Pokémon Go fan, that's nothing. Try dressing up as Pokémon Go itself!

YouTuber mattcyborgelt — the guy whose functional Tinder costume went viral last Halloween — just uploaded a video of his unique Pokémon Go costume. It includes a working PokéStop which doles out a PokéBall, along with a large-scale smartphone as a target for your PokéBall tosses.

The perfect costume for playing Pokémon Go on Halloween

With so many Pokémon Go fans hunting bonus candy right now and battling for gyms, dozens of people are going to want to spin that PokéStop (maybe they'll be looking for eggs) and throw those PokéBalls. We hope the costume holds up!