Romney Gangnam Style YouTube Parody: Psy Video Gets Political


Shocker, the newest viral video is none other than a Gangnam Style remake, but this one is actually pretty hilarious: Mitt Romney Style. Rather than Koren K-pop icon PSY cavorting around the streets of South Korea, here we have a Mitt Romney impersonator bouncing around golf courses and burning dolla dolla bills. College Humor really hit the nail on the head with this one. Sample lyrics include, "I got distinguished hair/ And a private jet that flies me way up in the air." It also has a nice sampling of women in power suits, dig that. "I bought a mansion for each one of my two dozen heirs/ straight up millionaire." Another favorite lyrics: "Talkin' wine and cheese/mad Ivy degrees." I almost like this as much as Schmidt on this week's episode of New Girl when he pretended to be the lost Romney brother "Tugg" in order to get girls. 

As we settle in for a night of debate viewing, have a laugh first, Gangnam Style.

This is no slop-shop production here, quite fittingly it looks like they shelled out some dough on this video. 

So what do you think, does Romney Style capture Romney's (er) style? 

And for anyone who has somehow missed the infamous "Gangnam Style" here's the original. Enjoy.