New image of 'Overwatch' hero Sombra appears to leak on Reddit


After months of chasing down the elusive new Overwatch character Sombra through Blizzard's elaborate hacking-themed alternate reality game, it's kind of fitting that an official image appearing to show Sombra would leak on Reddit, where the rabid hunt has taken place.

Here's the image, posted by redditor Metalexe:


The image appears to show Sombra standing on the fingertips of a giant omnic robot, controlling it with her mechanical-looking gloves. 

Is this really Sombra in the leaked image? Let's investigate.

The original text of the Reddit post links to a page on Blizzard's merchandise website, which — from looking at the URL — looks to be a page for some kind of art poster. The link does not seem to be working any longer, so it's hard to verify for sure.

Though Metalexe's Reddit account has since been deleted, the account's history shows they seem to have uncovered an art image for a new Diablo hero through a similar method.

A Google search of name signed on the image of Sombra, John Polidora, will bring up the LinkedIn and ArtStation profiles for a Blizzard concept artist and character designer.

The image itself certainly looks legitimate. The design of the character falls in line with an image posted to Reddit in early October that purported to show Sombra. The previously leaked image of Sombra was released in the same Reddit post with accurate leaks about Overwatch's Halloween Terror event, so it stands to reason that the Sombra leak would be accurate too.

Reddit/Blizzard Entertainment

When reached for comment, Blizzard said it "does not comment on leaks or speculation." 

Nov. 2, 2016, 11:31 a.m.: This story has been updated.