These 9 amazing 'Overwatch' Halloween costumes were the best of 2016


Given the popularity of Blizzard's online multiplayer shooter Overwatch and its in-game Halloween Terror event, it's not that surprising that a bunch of people dressed up as their favorite Overwatch characters for Halloween.

Here are a few of the most amazing pictures people posted on social media of their Overwatch costumes.

Best Overwatch Halloween costumes

This awesome Soldier: 76 costume comes complete with a working, light-up visor.

But this one gets extra points for how perfectly it captures that Halloween Soldier: 76 spray.

This kid's Genji costume is adorable.

The amount of detail in this Mercy costume is amazing.

This Junkrat costume is pretty kick-ass. is by far one of the coolest Overwatch characters to see walking around in real life, and this costume nails it.

OK, but this gender-bent costume — "D.bruh," in this case — is really delightful.


Poor Zenyatta, just trying to stay dry on a blustery All Hallows' Eve. Using a string of balloons for his floating ring of orbs is pretty clever.

And, of course, we got the obligatory cheeky Sombra costume.

Too bad an alleged image of Sombra was leaked right after Halloween ended! Her costume looks like it will be amazing once Blizzard finally adds her to the game.