Who Won the Presidential Debate Last Night: Obama Prevails, Mitt Romney Zingers Disappoint


The first presidential debate of election 2012 was to be focused on domestic policy, but after a boring evening in Denver, students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union could not hide their displeasure with Mitt Romney.

While Mitt Romney hit the president on stealing from Medicare (in order to pay for things like Medicare), he played up his plan to take the same money and give it to "small business," meaning the largest businesses in the world.

Romney's reputation for being a spoiled rich kid who relentlessly ridicules family members and gay kids was re-confirmed, as he repeatedly interrupted the president and the moderator. Jim Lehrer could not hide his displeasure at one point, responding to Romney's insistence that they "go back" by saying "let's not."

Romney's old "new fact" that Obama's tax increases for the richest Americans will cost 700,000 jobs rings hollow, as Republicans continue to trash the president on deficits and spending. The funny thing is, even after two and a half years of private sector job growth, last month, Obama finally became a net job creator ... DATING BACK TO HIS INAUGURATION.

There was nothing new tonight. It was forgettable.

Romney is not stupid, but he is desperate. I wonder what he was thinking tonight ... what was in his notes? And Mittens' zingers? Lame.

Also, did Obama Jiu-jitsu Mitt into denying that he supports tax cuts. WOW... how inconsistent is this guy?

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