How to tell if someone unfollowed you on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook


Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook are all unique social media platforms. But they do have one thing in common: success on these apps is measured by how many followers or friends you have. Here's how to keep track of them and figure out who shadily deleted you without your knowledge.


There a number of apps available, but Followers+ is the best one for keeping track of your follows. You can see who deleted you as well as users not following you back. There's also a bunch of neat metrics like comment and "like" tracking available for measuring your engagement and audience if you upgrade to the pro version.


Similar to Instagram, there's a variety of apps which advertise this service, but Who.Unfollowed.Me is popular and effective. It scans through your follower list every hour to keep track of unfollows, and the app provides a report every month of your overall engagement. 


The options are more limited for Facebook, but Who Deleted Me has gained a reputation as a reliable program. It's available as a Google Chrome extension and will even distinguish whether or not the user merely deactivated their Facebook account or full-blown deleted you. Ouch.


Unfortunately, no app for tracking friends on Snapchat currently exists. But if you're meticulous and must know, you can routinely check out your friends list. If no Snapchat score is visible when you click on a friend's name, it means they removed you from their friend list. Some friend, huh?