'Pokémon Go' Halloween event and increased candy drop rates still active — so catch away


The Pokémon Go Halloween celebration was supposed to end Nov. 1. Guess what? It's Nov. 2, and you can still cash in on Niantic's candy drop rate boost.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Pokémon Go still loads up with the Halloween-themed loading screen, is still presenting Ghost-type Pokémon in large numbers and is still granting six candy per Pokémon catch.

Niantic/Pokemon Go/YouTube

Double candy drop rates means powering up and evolving Pokémon more frequently. Combine this with knowledge of Pokémon Go's best gym attackers and defenders, and you can put together a killer squad of Pokémon by training up only the right ones.

It's not surprising that developer Niantic might be trying to squeeze every minute out of the Halloween celebration as possible. The Social Times reported on Nov. 1 that the celebration had boosted micro-transaction sales in Pokémon Go by 133% — though I'd bet most of that was spent on incubators to hatch Pokémon eggs and take advantage of the best source of big candy bonuses.

No matter what, the Pokémon Go Halloween candy rush is almost over, so cash in while you can. What are you waiting for?