Major 'Pokémon Go' update: Daily quests and bonuses feature coming soon


Remember how the folks over at Pokémon Go Hub dug through the code of Pokémon Go and found information about a new, then unannounced daily quests feature? Niantic just confirmed that finding was totally legit and they announced the feature on its website on Wednesday.

How the Pokémon Go daily quests and bonuses work

Players will get bonus experience and items for doing the basic actions of Pokémon Go on a daily basis: catching Pokémon and spinning the discs on Pokéstops. Additionally, players will get another bonus if they earn those daily bonuses seven days in a row.

Here's the full info from the Pokémon Go site:

Catching a Pokémon every day will earn the following bonus:

Though Niantic didn't say exactly when this feature would be available, you can probably expect it within the next week or so.

Niantic is likely implementing this feature as a way to keep its player base engaged for as long as possible. Though millions of people are still active, that number of engaged players has dropped significantly since Pokémon Go first came out earlier this year.