Hillary Clinton would have been better off without Louis CK's so-called endorsement


With less than a week left until Election Day, people weren't exactly waiting with bated breath for comic Louis C.K. to announce which candidate he would be supporting.

But during an appearance on Conan Tuesday night, the actor and comedian went for it anyway, throwing his weight behind Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

It started out harmlessly enough: "I think she is great. It's not a lesser of two evils ... I would take her over anybody." 

After that, however, things devolved.

C.K. went on to insist that it's not having the first women in the White House, but the "first mom" that gets him excited. Mothers, he explained: feed, teach and protect their children. He said mothers, without even trying, give everyone and everything 200% of their energy and care.

Well, that sure is a roundabout, and maybe even benevolently sexist, way to characterize the person many have called the most qualified presidential candidate in history, but OK. Still, though, C.K. continued downward.

"I don't want somebody who's likable or cool anymore," he says. "We need a two-faced, conniving, crazy — just somebody who's just got a million schemes. ... We need a tough bitch mother who nobody likes."

It's nothing Clinton hasn't heard before. Typically, though, words like "crazy," "conniving" and "bitch" are coming out of the mouths of her enemies, not her supporters. 

Sure — we could all pretend that the right response to C.K.'s endorsement is to have a "sense of humor" and accept it as part of his comedic persona. Or we could just call it what it is and say that an endorsement that calls someone a two-faced bitch isn't an "endorsement" so much as it is a backhanded compliment. 

Yeah, Clinton's probably better off without this one.