"Jane Doe" lawyer Lisa Bloom calls off press conference on Donald Trump rape allegations


Lisa Bloom, the lawyer for an unnamed California woman who says Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump raped her at a party when she was 13 years old, canceled a widely anticipated press conference on the matter Wednesday evening.

According to Bloom, the accuser going by the pseudonym "Jane Doe" decided she would rather not appear in public after receiving numerous death threats.

"We're going to have to reschedule," Bloom said during the live broadcast. "I apologize to all of you who came. I have nothing further."

Bloom's client, who is now 35, has filed a civil suit alleging Trump raped her at a party hosted by "notorious convicted pedophile" and financier Jeffrey Epstein at an Upper East Side, New York party back in 1994. The complaint says another unnamed woman, "Tiffany Doe," acted as a recruiter for sex parties hosted by Epstein and promised girls who attended said parties advancements and connections in their modeling careers.

The complaint also says Trump told Jane Doe she "and her family would be physically harmed if not killed" if she went public or to authorities with the allegations.

Trump's lawyers have denied the events in question ever took place.

However, numerous other allegations of sexual assault or impropriety have dogged the candidate since the Washington Post released a leaked 2005 video of Trump bragging to then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush he grabbed women "by the pussy" and kissed them without their consent.