How to buy Dunkaroos, the discontinued '90s snack you've had to live without for too long


Way back when, Dunkaroos were a solid snack staple. Getting a taste of a cookie kangaroo smeared with impossibly sweet frosting was as easy as opening the kitchen pantry. Mom!


Alas, the cutest, most portable and all-around best after school treat was discontinued in the U.S. in 2012. But now there's away to get the delicious animals back into the land of the free. 

A website called Smugglaroos, basically a kangaroo snack smuggling ring, connects eager Americans with folks in Canada, where the lunchbox mainstay is still sold. (Ugh, Canadians get EVERYTHING.)

Both Americans and Canadians can register on the site, which arranges a meet-up scheduled around a time when registered Canadians are crossing the border. Both parties agree upon a meeting spot, where the Canucks hand over the paraphernalia to the Yankees. It's all pretty simple.


If you think meeting up with a complete stranger to exchange cookies sounds a little sketchy, well, Smugglaroos thought of that. The site has a page dedicated to meeting safety tips, which include meeting in a public space and bringing someone along for the smuggle. This whole thing is a clever marketing campaign from General Mills, so it makes sense the site would be extra cautious of any potential legal troubles. 

Smugglaroos' slogan is "Make America dunk again,"  something we all certainly want, but it's possible this renewed access to such sweetness can, if only for a moment, transport us back to a time when nobody talked about how sugar was bad for you and Donald Trump was a mildly annoying reality TV show host at best. 


Rad, yes?