How to send drawings on the iPhone Messages app

iOS 10 has been out for a couple of months, meaning most iPhone users have probably updated by now. It's time to utilize one of the cooler features available on the new patch: drawing messages. Here's how to do it.

How to send drawings in iMessage

Once you enter a thread in iMessage, you'll notice a heart symbol at the bottom left of the screen. This expands a blank, black screen which can be used to trace a sketch of your choosing in a variety of colors. There's even the option to send special effects, like a heartbeat, kiss or fireball by following the directions below.

Digital touch iMessage optionsMic
iOS drawingsMic

You can even draw over a photo or a 10-second video by pressing the camera button below the color option. Unfortunately, you can't upload an existing image or video clip, but you're free to experiment with the shutter in real time.

Draw over photos or video in iOSMic

If you're feeling fancy, you can even send drawn out handwriting in iMessage. To do so, simply turn the iPhone sideways (make sure the screen lock is off) to reveal a blank white slate. You can write your own custom text or use Apple's custom preloaded options.

Handwritten text in iMessageMic

For a list of additional iMessage tricks, check out this article. Have fun!