A new 'Wonder Woman' trailer is here to save DC Comics movies from bad reviews


Warner Bros. unveiled the second trailer for Wonder Woman on Thursday, and the first live-action film about the heroine in her 75-year comic book history looks stunning. But more importantly, it may solve DC Comics' biggest problem with their movies: They're just not very well-liked

The second trailer offers another look at Diana (Gal Gadot)'s home island, Themyscira, as it's invaded by soldiers. She's compelled to help Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) fight in the "war to end all wars," which, based on the time period, refers to an alternate version of World War I. 

She is, as you might expect, more than up to the task. 


We may only have a couple of trailers as evidence, but the film looks like a promising return to form for DC Comics, which has failed to compete with Marvel's critically acclaimed Cinematic Universe. 

Watch the trailer for Wonder Woman, coming to theaters June 2, 2017, below.