Chicago Cubs World Series victory parade: Route, start time and more


On Wednesday night, the Chicago Cubs ended a 108-year-long curse by clinching their first World Series title since 1908 – and in extra innings, no less. And on Friday, Nov. 4, they'll do what any newly liberated curse victims would do: throw themselves a parade.

Start time

No start time has been announced yet for the parade, so attendees will have to check their local listings for more information. However, according to the Chicago Tribune, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel dropped a pretty good hint during a speech he gave around noon on Thursday, saying that the parade would be held on Friday "around this time." 

Planned route

As with the start time, no planned route for the parade has been finalized yet, which Emanuel said was a symptom of city officials being sleep-deprived from a night of celebrating. 

"Just stand somewhere in the middle of the city and you'll see it," he told a crowd of reporters.

Officials are planning on pulling out all the stops for the parade the city of Chicago has been waiting for for over a century, Emanuel said:

Here's the thing: we're going to have a parade in Chicago that will stand the test of time. It will be a parade that 108 years have waited for. It will be a parade and a celebration that all of Chicago for 108 years in their mind's eye, have been envisioning. We're going to make it a reality in the city of Chicago.

Twenty bucks says that if parade-goers look hard enough, they'll be able to spot Bill Murray atop one of the parade floats, Ferris Bueller-style.