Donald Trump just can't imagine how a woman could be the "boss" of the military


Donald Trump veered off message Thursday night during a rally in North Carolina, mocking the idea that a woman could be commander in chief of the United States military and providing yet more fodder for his opponents to call him a sexist.

"When I look at these great admirals and these great generals and these great Medal of Honor recipients behind me, to think of her being their boss?" Trump said, referring to Hillary Clinton. "I don't think so."

Trump also tripped up when discussing the bravery of the seven Medal of Honor recipients, bragging about his own financial prowess.

"Oh, they're so much more brave than me, I wouldn't have done what they did, I'm brave in other ways... I'm financially brave — big deal, right?" Trump said.

Trump has been on message in the final days of the race, sticking to his teleprompter to attack Clinton for the vagaries the FBI tossed into the race in the final days of the contest.

It's helped him bring Republicans once wary of his candidacy into his camp, and as a result tighten the polls.

At the same time, Clinton, as well as her army of high-powered surrogates such as President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, have been reminding voters of the offensive things Trump has said about women, minorities and religious groups.

Clinton's team is ultimately relying on its vaunted data and turnout operation to carry her over the finish line.

In four days, we'll see who fared best.