Electoral College Results: Who is winning in each state?


aToday, voters around the country are making a crucial choice: Will Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump be the next president of the United States? And while there have been months of fluctuating polls and millions of individual votes cast, it all ultimately comes down to the Electoral College.

As always, 538 electoral votes will be cast in total, with a candidate needing 270 to take the presidency. 

While Clinton is already all-but-guaranteed at least 187 votes thanks to solidly blue states like California, New York, Washington and New Jersey, Trump comes in with a base of around 86 votes from less populous red states that include Wyoming, Tennessee and Oklahoma. The biggest races to watch are those in the heavily populated swing states like Florida (29 votes), Pennsylvania (20) and Ohio (18), which are most likely decide the next occupant of the Oval Office.

But this historic election, and Trump's sparse support among minority voters, have also put a few new states into play. There's a possibility that the historically Republican Arizona (11), Georgia (16), Alaska (3) and potentially even Texas (38) may swing over to the Democratic side. 

Clinton, however, is also in danger of losing some states with primarily white populations that went to Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, including Maine (4) and New Hampshire (4). Though Trump is currently ahead in the polls in conservative Utah (6), he also faces an unlikely challenger there, as third-party candidate Evan McMullin has polled within striking distance of the two major party candidates. Though recent polls predict a Trump win in the state, a miraculous McMullin victory, FiveThirtyEight notes, could potentially even prevent either Clinton or Trump from receiving the necessary 270 votes.