"Holy Sh*t (You’ve Got to Vote)" is the star-studded GOTV anthem you need

What do you get when you mix one part presidential election incredulity, one part celebrity navel-gazing and one part part Moby playing the drums?

It might look something like the music video for the subtly titled "Holy Shit (You've Got to Vote)," the get-out-the-vote anthem helmed by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom and featuring a host of her Hollywood pals explaining why you need to, holy shit, get out to the polls and vote for Hillary Clinton this Election Day.

Jane Lynch, Elizabeth Banks, Amber Rose and Adam Scott are among the many famous faces to appear alongside Bloom in the video, which was created in collaboration with FunnyOrDie.

The song's message is clear: an "orange talking STD" named Donald Trump is hijacking the presidential election, and Bloom & Co. want to make their case against "the worst presidential candidate our country's ever seen" while there's still time.

"And now Moby is on the drums/ While Elizabeth Banks plays bass/ So we can try to convince the USA/ Not to shoot itself in the face," Bloom sings.

Watch the rest of the hilarious music video below: