Donald Trump sparks Twitter backlash by knocking Beyoncé's "filthy" talk on trail


DENVER — Donald Trump says he speaks with the tongue of angels compared to Beyoncé and Jay Z. The Twitterverse couldn't disagree more.

The Republican presidential nominee popped off on the celebrity duo — supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton — during a swing through Colorado, leaving pundits and the Beyhive astonished and angry by turns.

Trump late Saturday told the thousands who waited hours for him at a pre-Election Day barnstorm stop that next to the music moguls, he's practically a schoolboy.

He drew the contrast after the couple's performance on Clinton's behalf in Ohio, a show during which Jay Z fired off a series of references to "motherf*ckers" and "n*ggers."

The former "Celebrity Apprentice" star sneered that unlike Clinton, he didn't need to surround himself with A-listers to draw a crowd.

Then he poured gas on the fire.

Twitter's response: Oh, that's rich, coming from a man once caught on tape saying his own fame allowed him to do anything with women, up to and including "grab them by the pussy."

Aside from the sheer hypocrisy factor, the Twitter pile-up also included a collective eyeroll at Trump for using the final hours of the campaign to complain about two mega-popular young, black entertainers when it's fairly apparent that to have any hope of beating Clinton, he needs to expand his appeal beyond white GOP base voters.

That said, Trump did have defenders who said they didn't appreciate Clinton's literal or figurative embrace of Beyoncé and Jay Z.

The latest Real Clear Politics polling averages show Clinton leading by less than two percentage points two days away from the moment of truth in one of the most bitter and bizarre elections in U.S. history.