'The Walking Dead' Season 7, Episode 3: 'Easy Street' song lyrics and secret meaning


The Walking Dead has turned into a lifeless show that treats its fanbase horribly with frustrating cliffhangers, poorly conceived villains and repetitive storylines. Basically, watching the series in its current form feels like torture. 

Naturally, then, the show has utilized a song so droll and catchy, you'll be hard-pressed to get it out of your head any time soon. If you've seen the third episode of the series' seventh season, "The Cell," then you're keenly aware we're referring to the aural hell of "Easy Street." 

The song is used by Negan and the Saviors to torture Daryl and keep him constantly awake, and because the episode itself is monotonous in nature, that means the audience is treated to "Easy Street" on repeat. Walking Dead viewers on Twitter, as expected, were completely exasperated. 

So what the hell is up with this song? It's from a relatively unknown group called the Collapsable Hearts Club, which features Jim Bianco and Petra Haden. As Bianco told the Independent, he was surprised that AMC reached out about the jovial song — especially because it would be used on a show about zombies. But he understood the manner in which it was used. Per Bianco, it's a song that's about "those rare moments in life when you're holding the winning card." 

In a way, it makes sense to Daryl's predicament, aside from the obvious torture of how cheerful it is through an otherwise withering situation. Daryl did, after all, hold his fate in his hands. He was being prepped to join the Saviors as one of Negan's men — akin to Dwight, but perhaps without a gnarly scar? — which would be the post-apocalyptic equivalent of being on "easy street" with a few decent perks (including not listening to that damn song!). In the end, Daryl goes against Negan's wishes and remains a prisoner, doomed to listen to "Easy Street" for all eternity, we imagine. 

There's nothing too deep or existential about the song, but then again, this show also makes poorly conceived references to The Scarlet Letter and thinks their cliffhangers are clever and justified. "Easy Street" and The Walking Dead are a match made in heaven. 

You can check out the full lyrics to "Easy Street," below — and if you're not done hating yourself, you can also listen to the song. 

We're on easy street