The mannequin challenge: The best videos you need to see


ICYMI, the "mannequin challenge" has gone viral over the past week or so. The trend, which was started by high schoolers in Florida, involves participating groups standing in place, frozen like a bunch of mannequins you'd see in the window of a clothing store. 

The videos caught mainstream attention over the past week as a number of outlets (including Mic) published compilations and explainers. The mannequin challenge is only going to keep spreading from here, and as it does, the poses will become more complex. Without further ado, here are the best mannequin challenge videos you need to see.

Best mannequin challenge videos

Anyone who gets their cat to participate in the mannequin challenge automatically gets some recognition.

Rap duo Rae Sremmurd took things to another level with this epic mannequin challenge in the middle of their concert.

And speaking of Rae Sremmurd, this mannequin challenge hilariously spoofs the rappers' hit song "Black Beatles," which has become the default theme song of the trend. 

There truly is no situation the mannequin challenge won't touch.

The Dancing with the Stars crew executed a different sort of staging for this impressive mannequin challenge.

Perhaps the most impressive one yet, this mannequin challenge required some serious athleticism. 

It doesn't stop there. Athletes are really into the mannequin challenge.

This mannequin challenge will challenge your perception of time and space.

You gotta love how connected the internet makes us. Even soccer players in Germany are up for the challenge.


Somehow these students convinced its campus police to get involved in this elaborate mannequin challenge. 

Are these people superhumans?

We honestly can't believe this one.

But perhaps the best of all should be reserved for the original creators of the mannequin challenge, according to Inverse.