Indiana Senate Race Election Results 2016: Here's where Bayh and Young stand

Republican Todd Young has won the Senate race in Indiana, beating out his Democratic challenger Evan Bayh, according to the Associated Press.

Bayh, who has served as both senator and governor of Indiana, gave Young a run for his money in what was originally supposed to be an easy lock-up for the Republican contender, leading Ballotopedia to call the match-up a "battleground race." A Monmouth University poll conducted from Oct. 27 to 30 found the two candidates in a tie.

Young portrayed Bayh as a Washington insider. "Since Bayh's late entry into the race in July, he's been hit by a steady stream of articles and ads critical of his post-Senate work for a Washington law and lobbying firm and for a private equity fund, including stories about the amount of time he spent job-hunting his last year in office," USA Today's Maureen Groppe wrote.

The seat opened up after incumbent Republican Sen. Dan Coats announced his retirement. 

Senator Dan Coates announced his retirement, leaving a seat open in Indiana. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Indiana is Republican governor Mike Pence's home state, and the Associated Press called that Trump won the state in the presidential election, Mic previously reported.