Donald Trump supporter in Memphis hurls racist, sexist remarks in road rage video

This video brings road rage to a whole new level. 

In a viral clip that began making the rounds on Sunday, a Donald Trump supporter harangued a black man in Memphis, Tennessee, after the black man supposedly cut him off while driving. 

"Black lives don't matter," the white driver says to a black driver, while coming over to his car and yelling at him through the open window. "There ain't no proof." 

He adds, "Just cause you say something, don't mean nothing." 

After the white man yells at him for cutting him off, he says that the black man's driving maneuver makes him a "nigger." 

Racist driverMic/Facebook

"That makes you a nigger," the white man says about the man's driving. "That proves that black lives don't matter." 

The man then begins to chant "Trump!" and then hushes his wife and tells her to "be a woman" when she tries to intervene. 

When the black driver asks the unidentified white man to tell him more about black people, the white driver says:

"Black people were bought by a contract and we got ripped off because y'all should've got returned when there was evidence and proof that y'all couldn't do anything." 

Watch the full exchange below.