Election got you nervous? Here are the hottest 10 jobs in Canada among American applicants

ByJames Dennin

Oh, Canada — land of snowy peaks, agreeable temperaments, and a government that isn't run by either Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or Republican candidate Donald Trump. 

If you're already mapping out a post-Election Day contingency plan to move up north, you are not alone: Jobs search site Monster reports that queries including the keyword "Canada" are up 58% from the same time last year, as reported by Time.

To find out what aspiring Canucks hope to do for a living, LinkedIn pulled data to find the top Canadian jobs that have seen the most job applications from U.S. users in the last month.

Here are the top 10 jobs from LinkedIn, ranked from lowest to highest salary, as reported by CNBC.


10. Graphic designer

Salary in U.S. dollars: $34,800

There's tough competition for American graphic designers who hope to move up north: LinkedIn currently has only 200 job postings in the country, with the lowest median salary on the list, only $46,500 Canadian. 

9. Data analyst 

Salary in U.S. dollars: $44,100

Data analysts may also have to fight over the 200 job postings in Canada — or look for openings using other job sites. These positions earn a median pay of $59,000 Canadian a year.

8. Financial analyst 

Salary in U.S. dollars: $48,600

There are 500 open jobs at the moment for financial analysts, who earn a median $65,000 a year Canadian.


7. Business analyst

Salary in U.S. dollars: $52,400

These workers are slightly different from financial analysts; they examine business models as opposed to determining whether something is a good investment. Open jobs in Canada are fairly abundant, with 1,000 listings in LinkedIn, and the position pays a median salary of $70,000 Canadian.  

6.  Software developer

Salary in U.S. dollars: $53,100

There are 4,000 openings on LinkedIn, but this is one profession where you may want to stay put: Canadian software developers earn only $71,000 Canadian, compared with a median of $95,500 U.S. dollars for the same job in the United States. 

5. Software engineer

Salary in U.S. dollars: $56,300

There are more than 4,500 openings for Canadian software engineering jobs on LinkedIn, and the median salary is $75,000 Canadian a year. 

4. Marketing manager

Salary in U.S. dollars: $57,000

Not a coder? No worries, there are still jobs up north for you. There are a little less than 1,000 job postings for marketing managers in Canada, according to LinkedIn, and the median salary is $76,000 Canadian. 

3. Mechanical engineer

Salary in U.S. dollars: $57,800

Competition for mechanical engineering jobs in Canada is stiff with only 200 job openings on LinkedIn. The jobs pay reasonably well, though, with a median salary of $77,000 Canadian a year.

Christian Lagerek/Shutterstock

2. Project manager 

Salary in U.S. dollars: $64,500

Project managers can look through about 2,000 job listings on LinkedIn, and salaries are fairly generous, at a median $86,000 Canadian a year. 

1. Product manager 

Salary in U.S. dollars: $65,300

Products pay! These managers earn the highest salaries — a median $87,000 Canadian a year — on the LinkedIn list, but there are only 500 available openings.

Really serious about making a move?

Just like the U.S., Canada has restrictions on who is and isn't allowed to work there, and you'll need to get a visa.

You'll need a legitimate reason to move to Canada — having a job waiting for you there counts — and you'll also need to figure out the immigration policies of your new Canadian province, all of which have different rules.