Hillary Clinton takes on the mannequin challenge and reminds viewers to vote


It's Election Day and Hillary Clinton just paused for a moment to remind us to go out and vote. 

Clinton along with staffers, campaign managers, reporters, Bill Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi just tackled the mannequin challenge on the campaign plane, a move arguably way cooler than rocking the vote. 

The mannequin challenge — where a group of people freeze in place, usually to the tune of Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles," and then record it — recently started going viral.

At the end of Clinton's mannequin challenge video, they clap and laugh (I sobbed sweet tears) and a message reads, "Don't stand still. Vote today."

Reminder: If you've seen a meme suggesting that you can vote on social media or via text, that is a hoax. You can't. You're going to have to get off your ass to make history. Here's where to find out where to vote in your state.