2 women were arrested for protesting topless at Donald Trump's polling site

In anticipation of Republican nominee Donald Trump's arrival at his polling site, P.S. 59 on East 56th Street in New York City, two topless women tore through the voting site in protest around 8:15 a.m.

According to the Cut, the unidentified women entered the school clothed before taking off their shirts to reveal phrases like "Trump, grab your balls" and "Hate out of my polls" painted on their bodies, along with "Femen USA," the name of the international women's organization known for topless protest.

"Our Mission is Protest!" reads the Femen website. "Our Weapon[s] are bare breasts!"

Video footage posted by People magazine deputy style director Sharon Clott Kanter shows the two women being escorted out by authorities. She reported that they had both been arrested. 

But it seems some voters at P.S. 59 were less inconvenienced by the protesters than they were by Trump, whose imminent arrival to the polling site caused some delays.

"P.S. 59 line has stopped moving because Trump is coming to vote," wrote Twitter user Barbara Gray. "I am furious."