The internet is convinced this is a photo of Donald Trump peeking at Melania’s ballot


The day Donald Trump has long been awaiting has finally arrived: On Tuesday, he cast his ballot to "make America great again."

Despite what the New York Times may say about his crumbling campaign and his jangling nerves, Trump arrived at his Upper East Side polling place in New York to vote Tuesday, smiling and waving, not visibly rattled by the jeering crowd gathered outside. Even if people are booing, even if most election models aren't forecasting a Trump win, he's still got the white male vote, right? Eh. He's got the support of his family, right? 


Trump seemed less than certain of wife Melania's vote, peering over the partition between their voting stations as she filled in her ballot. That, at least, was Twitter's read on a CNN screenshot that began circulating on social media Tuesday morning. 

It's an unexpected move for a man who's been vocally paranoid about foul play at the polls. Trump has encouraged his supporters to stake out polling places on election day and to act on any suspicious activities they might witness taking place. He has repeatedly railed against voter fraud in the "rigged" 2016 election. One might think that someone so concerned with voting protocol might keep his eyes on his own ballot — but one would be wrong.

Trump, an anti-immigration candidate, might simply have been "checking to see how he's doing with immigrants," one Twitter user suggested. (Melania was born in Slovenia.) 

Or, it may be that the Times got it right: He is mired in self-doubt, and he just wants to verify that he's doing the thing correctly. 

Other Twitter users suggested Trump is worried that, given the mounting evidence that he has been unfaithful to Melania throughout their marriage, and that he might be a sexual predator, he can no longer count on her vote. That Melania might just be "With Her" — Trump's opponent, Hillary Clinton, who is currently the favorite to win the White House.

Or maybe it's just a family thing.