Arizona students are staging a walkout in protest of Joe Arpaio and Donald Trump

On Election Day, hoards of students from Arizona's North and Maryvale high schools staged a walkout to campaign against Donald Trump and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

A local ABC station captured the stunning moment in a Facebook live video Tuesday afternoon. 

Though many of them are too young to vote, Arizona teens have played a crucial role in campaigning against Arpaio, who is running for re-election despite the criminal charges filed against him for failing to comply with federal orders to halt his department's continued racial profiling practices.

In Phoenix on Saturday, Latino high schoolers joined a protest calling for the defeat of Arpaio. 

"A lot of people only think about Trump and Hillary," North High School student Daphne Cervantes told ThinkProgress. "They don't think about the local races." She told the site she'd made campaigning against Arpaio her sole extracurricular activity over the past few months.

After Tuesday's mass walkouts, it's clear she's not alone.

"I know all of the damage he's done. It's time we show him that we're not going to stand for it any longer," she continued. "We, the people that he's targeted, are not going to let him do it anymore."