Which states does Hillary Clinton need to win? Here are some electoral vote scenarios.

Hillary Clinton has many paths to the White House. Most of them come down to this: Donald Trump needs to win a broad patchwork of swing states, if not all of them, to achieve victory.

Clinton began Election Day with a near guarantee of more than 250 electoral votes. The winner of the Electoral College needs 270 electoral votes. Clinton's strength lies in only needing wins in a few major states. 

With a victory in Florida or Ohio, along with expected wins in Pennsylvania and Virginia, Clinton would have 270 electoral votes. Likewise, a victory in North Carolina and any other swing state would guarantee her victory. 

If Clinton wins Pennsylvania and Michigan, a longtime Democratic stronghold, then victory in Nevada would also put her in the White House. 

The takeaway: Clinton has far more paths to the White House than Trump. She only needs one, perhaps two, key wins to block Trump's path to the presidency.