The Empire State Building is broadcasting live election results

Who needs Godzilla when you can have Marco Rubio atop the Empire State Building? Right? Right?

On Tuesday night, the south side of the Empire State Building is lit up with live election results, the Wall Street Journal reported. People in New York need not turn on a TV or scroll through social media for results — they simply need to gaze skyward to see how many electoral votes Clinton and Trump have. 

The Empire State Building partnered with CNN, Instagram and CA Technologies to make the gigantic election tracker, CNN reported.

Both the Democratic and the Republican parties are hosting election parties in the Big Apple tonight, and seeing the iconic building lit up with some of the most famous (and infamous) politicians in this election is quite the spectacle. 

As if Times Square couldn't get any more menacing ...

This is what the Empire State Building looks like on Election Night. Mic/Instagram

The landmark's makeover is pretty epic, though. 

Check out the cool animations:

Predictably, the Internet poked fun at the patriotic gesture. 

Others welcomed the live stream with open arms and wide eyes, tuning into the building rather than rely on standard technology.

If anyone had any doubts, the 2016 election is now officially lit.