Jersey Shore Episode: What Snooki and JWoww Revealed in the Premiere

Thursday? Try Jerzday. Tonight is the big night, not the presidential debate, not the election, but the final season premiere of America's guilty pleasure Jersey Shore. 

As the crew gets going for season 6 there are some definite changes in the works. For one, season 6 captures a pregnant Snooki. And two, Mike "The Situation" is back from rehab and a sober man; a definite change from the past five seasons. "I quit the hard shit," he says in a preview.

What else can fans expect from the Guidos and Guidettes? Drama, and lots of it. Pregnant Snooki can't handle being around all the drunken gallivanting and quickly moves into the house next door. 

Other fun things to look out for are Vinny's attempted celibacy and JWoww and Roger getting engaged. And don't forget, Deena's drunken arrest ... which from the previews looks messy and horrifying. 

The star herself, Snooki found time to tweet out her Jerzday excitement between mommy-duties: 

Whatever your thoughts about the Jersey Shore its undeniable that MTV spawned a cultural phenomenon. As the crew hits the shore for one last summer, don't we want to tune in?

Jersey Shore airs Thursday night on MTV at 10 p.m. ET. 

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