15 hopeful tweets that remind us it's sometimes darkest before the dawn

After Donald Trump's unanticipated win on Tuesday, many flocked to social media to express their fear, anxiety, rage and profound sadness. But others took Trump's victory as an opportunity to remind one another that there are reasons to keep seeking out the light in the darkness. 

Some used the election results as a call to action, reminding Americans they still have control over their own actions for the next four years. 

Progressive organizations reminded Americans they will stand up for the progress the country has made. 

There were some achievements to celebrate after Tuesday — more women in the Senate and more states legalizing medical or recreational marijuana. 

Many people spread the love. 

Other people noted Trump's presidency might not be as bad as feared. 

If nothing else, remember some little girl will eventually achieve what Hillary Clinton (and countless other American women) has strived for.