Brooklyn pizza shop gets threats after alt-right links it to fake pizzagate story

Pizzagate, the fake news conspiracy theory that a D.C. restaurant was host to a Hilary Clinton-sanctioned child sex ring, has even more unsavory consequences.

At Roberta's, a beloved Brooklyn, New York, pizza restaurant, an employee received threats when he picked up the store's phone on Dec. 1, DNAinfo reported. 

"You are going to bleed and be tortured," an anonymous voice told the employee. The following day, someone called the shop at 5 p.m. to ask if Roberta's was connected to a website that published about pizzagate. 

People on Twitter who appear linked to the white nationalist alt-right movement posted false news that Roberta's was associated with pizzagate. Their reasoning: The pizza joint is "a Hillary Clinton favorite," and has "creepy" images. 

Roberta's did not immediately respond to Mic's request for comment.