'Civ 6' Mods: New military units to improve your world domination strategy


Are you tired of destroying your enemies in Civ 6 with the same old military units? Have you wished for fresh options when you're defending against an attacking civ? A new mod for Civilization 6 can make your dreams come true.

The Moar Units Mod 0.3 for Civ 6 adds 19 entirely new unique military units, with every civ other than the Aztecs get at least one new unit to play with.


'Civ 6' mods: New military units provide a cool history lesson

The Civilization games are no replacement for history textbooks if you want to learn about the past, but if you spend some time in the Civilopedia that explains all the terms, units and major gameplay elements in Civ 6, you can pick up some historically accurate info about the civs in the game.

The Moar Units Mod 0.3 does look to history for the design of its new units. The mod adds the Minuteman unit for America, the Longbowman for England, and the Gendarme for France, all of which clearly reflect the civs in question. Entries in the Civilopedia have also been added for each of the 19 new units if you want to learn more about them.

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