'The Walking Dead': How to watch season 7, episode 4 online


Has The Walking Dead become a sobering documentary of what a Donald Trump presidency will look like four years down the road? It's too early to tell, but viewers who are curious about the similarities will be blessed by this news: The fourth episode of season seven is going to be a whopping 85 minutes

Hopefully, this means the episode, titled "Service," will feature fewer commercials and "Easy Street" on repeat and get back to an actual storyline (it's nice when TV shows do that!). Here's the synopsis for "Service," per AMC:  

In this episode we get to see how the remaining members of our group are holding together in Alexandria. They also receive a very sobering visit.

That "sobering visit" is almost certainly from Negan. But if you're not planning to check out the episode when it airs Sunday, here's how can you watch it online.

It's tough sledding, unfortunately, for fans who don't have a cable subscription. You can check out the first six seasons on Netflix, but don't expect any of season seven to hit the streaming service until 2017. (Hulu has a partnership with AMC that doesn't include The Walking Dead). Thankfully, individual episodes for season seven can be purchased on iTunes and Google Play the day after the episode airs, which is a pricey but viable alternative. 

The episodes will also be available on AMC's site the day after it airs, but viewers must similarly sign in with a cable subscription to watch it. 

Now, it might be tough times for Rick and the group ahead, but at least they'll get a chance to see Daryl again after he was taken as a prisoner in the season premiere. Maybe he can tell them all about the horrors of "Easy Street" and where the Saviors' safe haven, the Sanctuary, ranks among the many communities the group has already visited.