'Pokémon Sun and Moon' pre-order: Bundles, bonuses, exclusives & gifts from around the web


Pokémon Sun and Moon is almost ready to launch, but it's not too late to pre-order the game. We've rounded up some of the best bonuses, deals and bundles that make a Pokémon Sun and Moon pre-order worthwhile even if it's just a week before the game arrives.

Pokémon Sun and Moon pre-order discounts

The biggest reason to pre-order Pokémon Sun and Moon may be to save a little cash. The game is set to cost $39.99, but you can buy it early from a few different retailers for just $31.99 — that's 20% off.

The deal is available from Amazon, but shipping and handling brings it back up to $40.25 if you're not an Amazon Prime subscriber. Even better, Toys "R" Us is offering the same discount with free shipping for everyone. You can save 20% at Best Buy too, but only if you're a paying member of its Gamers Club Unlocked.

If you're willing to give up some old gear, Gamestop actually may be your best bet. The video game retailer is offering 40% extra credit toward Pokémon Sun and Moon when you trade in other games and accessories.

Pokémon Sun and Moon pre-order bonuses

If you pre-order Pokémon Sun and Moon from Gamestop, you'll also get a sweet double-sided poster for free. You'll have to pick up the poster at a physical store, though, and the company notes that supplies are very limited. If you order online, you'll also need to bring in a printed copy of your confirmation page to collect your reward.

Nintendo is offering a pretty sweet bonus, too. If you pre-order Pokémon Sun and Moon or pick up a copy anytime before Jan. 11, you'll be eligible for a special in-game gift: a free Pokémon! The company is offering up a Munchlax (the pre-evolved form of Snorlax). It also comes carrying a special item called Snorlium Z, which lets Snorlax complete a special Z-Move attack called Pulverizing Pancake.

Pokémon Sun and Moon pre-order bundles

Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many solid Pokémon Sun and Moon bundles available for pre-order, though it's possible those special deals could materialize later this year. 

In the meantime, you can pre-order both versions of the new game packaged together for $79.99. That won't save you any money, but it does come with an in-game code good for 200 free PokéBalls. 

You can also grab a New 3Ds XL Solgaleo Lunala special edition for $199 from a few different retailers. It doesn't actually come with a copy of the game, but it does look pretty sweet.