The internet is losing it over two bald eagles stuck in a storm drain

Two bald eagles got stuck in a storm drain Thursday, in a real-life allegory for the state of American democracy that seems all too apt two days after the 2016 election. 

That, perhaps, is why the internet went batshit over the Orange County, Florida, rescue effort, which local news station WFTV diligently aired on Facebook Live. 

Thousands of people tuned into footage of Orlando-area authorities' efforts to get one eagle out from a gutter into which it somehow got wedged. Another eagle situated itself on top of the drain, ostensibly to protect its trapped compatriot, thereby thwarting the rescue effort for a time. 

While authorities were eventually able to relieve the living symbol of what the United States' future might hold, it took them over an hour. Which means they didn't do it faster than viewers could start to draw parallels between the trapped eagle and the American electorate (or Hillary Clinton? Who can say). 

The bird was rescued, yes. But this is Trump's America, so it probably was or will be euthanized soon enough.