Snapchat filters: Now you can put filters on the world around you

Snapchat has quietly rolled out a new update that allows users to alter the world around them. The new filters are called "world lenses" and they add neat visual effects such as snowfall or butterflies to an everyday scene. Check out some examples we screencapped below: 

Snapchat hearts filterMic
Snapchat snow filterMic
Snapchat butterfly filterMic
Snapchat cloud filterMic

Snapchat's new update also rolled out support for Spectacles, Snap Inc.'s new augmented reality video camera glasses that allow users to take snaps from their perspective and wirelessly upload them to Snapchat's Memories section. 

Snapchat recently launched a marketing campaign in which limited quantities of the device are temporarily made available for purchase in a random location across the U.S. Last week's Spectacles could be found in Los Angeles' Venice Beach and Big Sur in northern California. On Tuesday, approximately 200 Spectacles were made available for purchase from a vending machine just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

It should be interesting to see how Snapchat's new world lenses will pair with the Spectacles' point-of-view perspective.