'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Team Planner: Pokédex tool lets you create the ultimate lineup


If you can't stand waiting for Pokémon Sun and Moon any longer we have a solution. This clever team planning tool will help you pass the time while exploring the game's new Pokédex and plotting your ultimate lineup for Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Team Planner is an unofficial online tool created by Github user "richi3f." It allows you to create your own lineup of six Pokémon and then analyze your team's collective strengths and weaknesses.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Team Planner: Here's how it works

The first thing you'll want to do is pick your six Pokémon. The included Pokédex covers all the creatures available in Pokémon Sun and Moon, ranging from the game's new starters to the mysterious Ultra Beasts.


Once you have your lineup set, hit the plus icon on the right side of the Pokémon Sun and Moon Team Planner to pull up a list of stats. This will show you what Pokémon types your team is weak against, immune to and resistant to. If you don't like the results you can always try swapping Pokémon in and out until you find the perfect group.


Pokémon Sun and Moon Team Planner: A few small drawbacks

Of course, none of this will actually carry over into the real game. The Pokémon Sun and Moon Team Planner is really just for fun, and if you really want to be the very best it's also a good way to optimize your team ahead of time. That way you can focus on catching and training the right Pokémon once the game is released.

This team planning tool also doesn't let you filter Pokémon out the version exclusives between Sun and Moon. So you'll want to keep a list handy (here's ours). However, the site does let you filter based on Pokémon generation, type and the island where they can be caught.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Team Planner: A few other things to consider

Once you actually start playing Pokémon Sun and Moon that Team Planner may go out the window. Your entire experience will ultimately depend on which Pokémon you run into throughout your adventure, along with a variety of other factors.

One thing you can control is which starter you pick. The choice between Litten, Owlet and Popplio could affect your entire experience. So be sure to take a look at our guide to all three starters and their final evolutions before you make your decision.