'Overwatch' Sombra is finally available — here's what players are saying about her release


In case you haven't heard, the highly anticipated character Sombra has finally been added to the live version of Overwatch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. After months and months of teases through Blizzard's alternate reality game, and the several days of testing she went through on Overwatch's public test region, Sombra is finally available for everyone to play.

Needless to say, people are pretty jazzed about it.

Overwatch Sombra release: The internet reacts to her arrival

Sombra's arrival isn't without its troubles, though. Almost immediately, players were butting up against the new one-character-per-team limit in quick play with everyone trying to pick Sombra.

So they had to migrate to the new "no-limits" mode in the Arcade. Anyone else up for a 6 Sombras vs. 6 Sombras match?

Concerns about Sombra on the Overwatch Reddit

Some players on Reddit are concerned that Sombra's arrival before the end of the second competitive season of Overwatch is making things unbalanced — either because the character's abilities are too powerful or because players will pick Sombra despite not having much practice with her, causing their teams to lose.


But overall, the online consensus seems to be positive. Some players were appreciative of the fact that the patch arrived simultaneously across all platforms.

Sombra fan art

To celebrate the arrival of Sombra, players have been posting some cool fan art online, like this time-lapsed video of charcoal drawing of Sombra coming to life, set to a dubstep remix of the music that plays near fairy fountains in Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, because why not?

And an illustration of Sombra accidentally (wink) falling into Zarya's arms.

Sombra's hair does a lot of the work, but this illustration takes her badassery to a whole other level.

Needless to say, people seem pretty pleased with the newest addition to Overwatch so far. Check out our guide on the secrets to how her abilities work to make sure you're not one of those fools messing up competitive games for everyone else.