The best laptop privacy screens that will stop neighbors from snooping

Whether you're on a cramped airplane or in a crowded coffee shop, it can be difficult to protect your laptop screen from wandering eyes. That's not ideal when working with files containing financial documents or other personal information. 

Consider looking into a privacy screen, which will filter out light from various angles to ensure security. 

Here are some of the best options we've found so far.

Privacy filters in

3M Privacy Filters

3M offers privacy screens for a variety of devices, whether it's for a laptop, desktop or smartphone. The easily detachable filters come in either black or gold and block sneaky onlookers while leaving the user's view crystal clear. 

Akamai Office Products Privacy Screen

Akamai's privacy screens are some of the highest-rated on Amazon, and for good reason. They're available in a number of sizes and there are both removable and permanent options. 

Eleplace Privacy Screen

Eleplace products are primarily designed for widescreen laptops, but if yours fits the bill, you should definitely consider getting one for your computer. Not only will an Eleplace keep your display private, but the filter will also protect the laptop's screen from scratches as well as preventing ultraviolet radiation from damaging your eyes.

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